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My father-in-law is thinking of getting a four wheel ATV to tow behind his motor home. He has a severe handicap and cannot lift his legs when he walks. Hips and knees are gone. What I am trying to find out is if anyone has one of the new automatic tranny ATVs and how well they work. Could a guy use one to get around on if he can't walk. Any help at all would be appreciated

Posted by: mtncat
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Subject:Re: ATVs

: Never had one with the automatic tranny before but several years ago while trying to figure out a couple of solutions for a friend in a wheel chair we found that the Honda Odeyssey (sp) with reverse was probably the better option. Ended up making a volkswagen into a hunting buggy, worked out alot better (heater etc) worked great after we figured out how to make the clutch work by "remote control"

Posted by: Garry
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Subject:Re: ATVs

In a real small coastal community up North, one of the men lost the use of both legs. While this is bad anywhere, this is almost a death sentence in a community with none of the services that "we" have come to expect. The community got together and discussed what to do, and ended up raising $ and bought him a 4 wheel ATV. He is always roaring around, living a normal life. Cheers-Garry

Posted by: trigger
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Subject:Here's one!

We have a Polaris 4X4 Sportsman 2cycle ATV with automatic tranny. It's 400cc. We had other kinds of ATVs in the past but this is the best that we've found so far. It has a high/low range and reverse. 4x4 is electonicaly selective, by the touch of a button you can turn the 4x4 on or off. It's quite strong and fast too. We had it on many occasions going over 60 mph with four adults on it. This is no lie!

I know that Polaris makes smaller models too and 4 cycle models but we prefer the 2 cycle for its power. We've had this machine for a while and never had any problems with it. We use it as a work horse, pulling trailers full and we even pulled out our 1/2 ton out of the mud with it once too. Another bonus with ours is that it's flat green in color, so it blends in very well with the woods.

I'm noticing that several ATV companies are coming out with automatic trannys and electric selective 4x4. In my opinion (and I am bias) they are copying the Polaris. I can't say anything about the other brands that are coming out with the automatic trannys because I haven't tryed them.

One thing is for sure... If I was to buy another ATV I'd get one identical to the one we have now.

Hope this helps,

Posted by: Garry
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Subject:Re: Hey Trigger.......

Please don't take this as a flame, but as genuine concern: those things were NOT made to go 60 mph with four adults on it! I've mourned too many lost Bud's as it is, lets not push the envelope too hard! Cheers-Garry

Posted by: Hawkeye
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Subject:Re: ATVs

A friend of mine had polio as a child - a great survivalist - loves the outdoors (what he can get of it he has a brace on one leg and walks only with crutches, anyway he bought himself an older polaris 250 4X4 - freeeeedom. He gets a lot of good use out of it and he can get to places unthought of before.

Automatic trannies are the way to go - large footplates for the feet also. Hope this was of help.

Posted by: Chidwack
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Subject:Re: ATVs

I have two 4x4's. One is a Honda Forman that has to be manualy shifted, and the other is a Polaris Sportsman 500 with an auto transmission. I bought the Honda first and thought it would be better to plow snow with because I could choose the gear I wanted to be in. I was wrong. I love the Polaris. It will go place that the Honda can't. It has a much better four wheel drive system and has a higher ground clearance. These probably won't be as important to your father in law than it is with me. I will tell you this. It is a lot easier to drive and is much more comfortable than the Honda. I use my ATV's all the time for both hunting and playriding and if I ever buy another one it will be an Automatic. The only other thing that you might want to look at if your Father In Law has bad legs and can't lift them over the seat. There is one that doesn't have a gas tank between your legs and so it is much easier to get on and off of. I think it is made by SkiDoo, but it isn't an automatic. Hope that helps. Chidwack

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Subject:Re: ATVs

I have had a honda 450ES For about a year and a half now and it is pretty good. do not ride it alot my wife does but it has plenty of power great traction (4X4) and is tough to ti I tried. Also I know a few people that have automatics and they complain that they do not get compression breaking for going down steep hills.

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