*Tire Gauges: Angle Head or Straight Head?*
By: John1lt
30 March 2022

I've seen 2 styles of dual head tire chucks and tire gauges. Those with angled heads and those with straight heads. The angled head style seems to be more common but in my opinion the least desirable and least functional. My recommendation when buying a dual head tire gauge or air chuck is to buy the straight head style.

Notice the straight head on the top air chuck, works on steel and aluminum rims. Tire air pressure gauges are made in both styles as well.

Here are my reasons for my opinion and recommendation. Steel rims for dual tires tend to have large cutouts to reach thru to access the tire valve stem on the inner tire. An angle head tire gauge will work just fine on this style of rim. Aluminum rims tend to have small holes to access the valve stem on the inner tire. Angled head tire gauges won't work on many aluminum rims because the size of the hole is too small to get the correct angle to push onto the valve stem on the inner tire. For these you need the straight head style tire gauge and tire chuck. So save yourself some frustration and just buy a straight head tire gauge or tire chuck.


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