*Applying Rain-X*
I can see clearly now
By: Studentnurse
25 October 2005

I am going to give you a step by step program on how to improve your driving visibility.

1 - First off you will need 3 items for this project.

1- old towels/paper towels , windex, Rain-X

1 - First you need to clean your windshield with the old towels/paper towels and windex. You will need to clean it very good.

2- Now with the windshield super clean. Take your RAIN-X out of the container. I choose the disposable wipes. Rain-x comes in various sizes and containers.

3 First start out at the corner and apply the RAIN-X in a circular motions, apply pressure while going in the circular motion. (this applies the Rain-X evenly) You will need to overlap as you work your way down the wind shield. The wipes make for easy clean up.

3- After you apply the Rain-X , you have to wait until a haze appears. The haze will appear in about 10-15 seconds. Times may vary due to humidity etc. When the haze appears you will need to buff the windshield. Continue the circular motion, while applying pressure.

5- After you have buffed the Rain-X off, you are finished.

To also improve your visibility you can add the BUG WASH windshield washer fluid. Spend the extra money, believe me its worth it. Replace your windshield wipers as well.

The rain-x lasts a little while. You will eventually have to put another coat on, but its worth it.

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