*How NOT to wire the BOV*
Never Do This
By: Jaden
20 December 2009

Some people like to cut corners and some times the results can be devastating. In this case, it's simply amazing the truck didn't catch on fire. Somebody had run a power wire from the battery to the strobe light power supply under the driver's seat.

The wire was connected directly to the battery + post and was UNFUSED!! Notice the short stub of red wire. I cut it before something else bad happened. Yesterday morning the wires shorted out in the cab. The wires were run through the door jamb!! The wires were sitting on the floor mat. This is how the "Mechanic" did the job. Yesterday morning the owner's girlfriend was driving the truck and the two wires shorted together. With no fuse to blow, it's amazing it didn't catch on fire.

The two big mistakes were no fuse at the battery and running the wire through the door jamb. When I removed the wire I showed the owner where it had already chaffed. Years ago, I saw a fire under a hood at a gas station. The cause was this same thing. Somebody hooked up a subwoofer amplifier with a piece of unfused 8 gauge and ran it through the door jamb. When the owner lifted the hood to check the oil, the wire was cut by the hood springs which immediately started a fire. There is an article in the Rubicon that shows how to run and hook up wires correctly.

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