*Cleaning BOV Battery Terminals*

By Eli

15 JUNE 2003


Every so often the battery terminals in your BOV should be cleaned. Over time, dirt and grime from the road will collect on the posts. Cleaning them is easy. Purchase a battery post cleaner brush… they’re about 3 bux for the cheapies and 5 bux for the good ones.

Before you start be sure to wear crappy clothes. Don’t risk ruining a pair of good ones by getting battery acid on them. You should always wear eye protection when working with batteries.

Battery brush

You will need to disconnect the battery. Disconnect the NEGATIVE – side first. Be careful not to short the wrench on the POSITIVE + terminal. Then disconnect the POSITIVE + side.

Dirty post

In the pics above you’ll notice the hole in the brush. This is for the battery posts.


Push the brush onto the post while turning it clockwise. This brush cleans clockwise, yours might not. If it won’t turn one way, turn it the other. Turn it a few times on the post and pull it off while continuing to turn. The post should be clean. If not, keep brushing it.

To clean the wire clamps-

The brush will come apart. Usually it’s a ¼ turn lock. Inside is another brush this is for the clamps. Stick it in the clamp and turn clockwise until it is clean.

Clean battery

Then I use a baking soda/water mix (same as for the battery bank) in a squirt bottle and a rag and wipe down the top of the battery. This neutralizes any acid that may be on the surface.

Ok, now hook the battery back up.

Install the POS + wire first and then the NEG -. When you connect the NEG – wire there will probably be a small spark. Don’t worry about it, it’s just your stereo memory and other small continuous loads re-energizing.

Wallaa, there ya have it.

Wash your hands with some baking soda to neutralize any acid on them.


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