*Trailer Boat or Boat Trailer*
Hey, It Works
By: Jaden
03 October 2008

Iím not sure which to call it. I discovered that my 14í Duratek boat fits on my small trailer and tows quite well. The only problem is since the trailer is narrower than the boat I need to have a piece of wood to span across the trailer so that the bow of the boat doesnít hit the ground. The first time I set a piece of wood on it, strapped down the boat and headed down the road and the wood fell out. So I figured there had to be a better way.

I drilled 2 holes in the sides of the trailer. I then laid the piece of wood across and traced the holes. After drilling the wood I put in 2 carriage bolts.

Now the bolts fit in the holes and the board canít slide. I donít bother to bolt the wood to the trailer because of the straps holding down pressure.

Here it is road ready.


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