*A Bug Out Box*
By: Chief
06 September 2003

At a recent FTF one of the guys saw my Bug Out Box in the back of my pick up and suggested an article. Well here it is.

You will need
A skill saw
tape measure
chalk line
3 sheets of 4 by 8 5/8" plywood
8 ish 2 by 4 by 8'
4 heavy hinges
2 lock lasps
4 steel handles
framing and sheathing nails(or screws)
liquid nails
inner tube or old fire hose to nail over seams for water proofing.

The diagram is pretty self explanatory. I use the small partition for food , dishes, and drinking water, and any thing else you want separated from the rest of your gear. I carry everything for a family of 6 in here to camp for a week and all our gear stays in this box for emergency. Its just a matter of pull/pushing it into the truck and your off. In an 8 foot box this leaves you 2 feet to load fuel and water cans in as well. Fits under a canopy and dogs go on top:0).


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