*Bug Out Trailer*
A modified surplus trailerBy: figster
11 November 2005

Several years ago I purchased a surplus jeep trailer to pull behind a Wrangler I had. I no longer have the Jeep but for some reason I didnít want to part with that trailer. When I first acquired it the intention was to make some sort of pop-up that could go wherever. After 20 years of sleeping on the ground with the Army I thought this might be a nice alternative, plus the wife is much more likely to go with a something a little more civilized. Life somehow pushes projects to the dark end of the garage and itís no different at my house. And then the other day I spotted MY trailerÖwell not mine but pretty much how I had envisioned setting it up. Isnít E-Bay wonderful?! Well maybe not for some but this time it helped me to see that want I wanted to do was in fact doable. Below are some photos that are pretty self explanatory:


Now I know that the work shown isnít mine but a good idea is a good idea and from what Iíve gathered about the folks around here this doesnít seem to be too tuff to makeÖ.I've already started buying the materials. I hope you find this interesting


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