*Have you checked your BOVís headlights lately?*
By: Fight4yourrights
17 July 2006

I recently bought a used 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 for my primary BOV. My first time out on a VERY dark road, and I simply couldn't see a thing. I couldnít even drive safely. I had to stop the truck and remove the driving light covers, and use them to proceed.

I thought that maybe new bulbs would do the trick, so I bought some new, "improved" with 30% more brightness. They didnít really help much. I then noticed that the lights were aimed at the trees, so I reaimed them, and they were better, but still pretty poor.

Wondering if it was the lift kit, or a light problem, I investigated further and saw that both lights had moisture inside. I tried drying one out by pulling the bulb and letting it sit all day, but that didnít' work. I looked a little closer and saw that the chrome coating on the inside looked bad.

So, I ordered a couple new headlamp assemblies off of Ebay. Under $100 for both.

Installation was very easy, just a few bolts. I wonít detail it, since your vehicle would likely be different.

I decided to disassemble the old ones. #1 - the lexan covers will take a full hammer blow. #2 - luckily, the glue joint doesn't, so I could pull the covers.

Check out the worse of the two (same headlight, one picture with the cameraís flash, one without)

Lighting is too critical to leave to substandard parts.

AAR - WoW! I can see. What an amazing difference!
Iíve also ordered some upgraded 130W, 8" off-road driving lights to replace the small, rectangular ones I have now. Lighting is just too important.

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