*BOV Safety*
Requirements Checklist
By: Crawlingtoy
26 September 2004

All vehicles must be maintained to conform to highway safety standards, as well as meet the minimum requirements listed below:

1. Roll bar or full cage or factory hard top
2. Functional Parking brake or Mico-Lock
3. Tow strap or rope. (recommend rated at 2 times the vehicle weight).
4. First aid kit (what do you want when you are hurt?)
5. Jack capable of lifting the vehicle and a tool capable of removing lug nuts (don't forget your wheel locks)
6. Spare tire equal to or within 3 inches of existing tires on the vehicle. (no temporary spares).
7. Fire extinguisher with gauge indicating good/full, appropriately stored (not a missile hazard)
8. Seat belts for all passengers
9. Antennas must not exceed 4'6" (54"), (except when longer antennas/whips are required by certain OHV areas). measured from
mount on body, bumper, etc.
10. Adequate attachment points front and rear, i.e., tow hooks, receiver, etc. Tow balls are generally rated for only 2,000 pounds,
and that is when hooked to a trailer. They can come off with devastating results. Use with caution.
11. Battery hold downs (no bungie cords)

Highly Recommended:

It is recommended that you have:

1) Oversize off road tires in excellent condition.
2) At least one limited slip differential, with lockers preferred.
3) Minimum 12" clearance between frame and ground.
4) Winch, come along, or hi lift jack.
5) CB radio.
6) Blankets or sleeping bag for each person.
7) Drinking water and extra food.
8) Tools.
9) Any spare parts you may need.
10) Extra clothing, winter outerwear, and snowboots for each person.
11) Tire inflation equipment.


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