*BOV/'95 Plymouth Voyager*
Use What You Have
By: Stallion
05 May 2004

Our family has two vehicles, the 1995 Plymouth Voyager Van and the old Model A (Raggedy Ann). I'll do a separat article on Raggedy Ann (she only gets used during the good weather months!)

The van does great getting up and down our driveway in the winter months. It was very rare we had to park at the bottom of the hill :-) I have always tried to have items in the van that might come in useful for whatever event might come up. I have recently just revamped it a bit. I have included things for the three of us and granddaughter should she be with us.

The first picture shows what I have stuffed in under the middle seat of the van. Extra clothes (including outerwear, underwear and socks), pajamas, sanitary napkins, diapers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, powder, shampoo, soap, washcloth and towel, kleenex, razors, flashlight, canned food and military can openers, raisins, crackers, little debbies, water, scripture cards, plates, plastic utensils, stuffed toy, coloring book and crayons, and playing cards are all in the big blue bag and in the tupperware container stored between the seat leg and side of van. Jumper cables, the tire iron and folding shovel are under the seat too.

#2 In the small green bag behind the middle seat (because our back seat isn't in the van right now) is the first aid kit (that also includes fire starter materials, whistle, ground to air signals, jackknife, trashbags, water, florescent tape and electrical tape, cpr mask, loop masks, gloves etc.), rope, and a list (put in a clear page) of what can be found where, should I need to find something in a hurry or should someone else need to get something out of the bag in a hurry, all they need to do is look at the list and see what is packed in what pocket or body section of the bag.

#3 I know it's warming up but it can still be quite chilly at times so the hats and gloves and even scarves are stored in the cubby holes in the side panels in the way back of the van. I, also, have an army blanket wedged between the middle seat and side of van and an emergency blanket in the first aid kit as well as handheaters.

#4 The drawer under the passenger's seat holds a flashlight, screwdiver (with different tips), an extra headlight bulb, reading material etc.

#5 This picture is quite obvious. Eli gave this to me quite a long time ago, I just need to get a bit more comfortable using it :-) It's nice to know it's there though, should we need to use it. When we rolled over a couple of years ago (antenna stuck in the snow) I could pick up a station with 'hams' talking on it but I didn't need to call any of them because by the time I turned the radio on and found a channel with someone on it a number of local EMTs and firefighters had already stopped!

So this is our BOV, it may change in time, who knows. I don't have everything in there that I would like to have in there but having what is in there and having my husband be o.k. with that much is doing good. In time more can added bit by bit and he'll probably not even notice it :-) When the back seat goes back in, I can stash quite a bit more under there!

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