*4-Wheeler Cargo Box Repair*

$1.33 Fix

By Jaden

21 July 2004


The cargo box on my ATV came with nylon straps and plastic clips to attach it to the rear rack. It was designed for easy installation and removal. It worked pretty well until one of the clips broke. The other straps wouldnít tighten well either so the box was loose and slid around. I donít ever plan on needing to remove it so I didnít take long to decide that the remedy would be to use conduit clamps and just bolt the box to the rack. I measured the diameter of the rackís bars to be Ĺ".


Old straps         Where they used to go

I sealed the old strap holes with silicone to help prevent dust & water intrusion.

Then a trip to the hardware store and $1.33 later I some small 3/8" bolts, nuts and washers and some conduit clamps. The clamps I ended up with are for holding Ĺ" copper water pipe to a wall, but hey, close enough.

The stuff

The clamps would wrap around the rack like this-

Then just bolt the box to the clamps. Simple enough.

Actually it was kind of tough. I had to do some precise measuring so that when I drilled the holes down through the box, the clip would line up with the rack bar. It took a little bit of doing, but I did it. No major problems.


The bolt heads are in the box. I tried to get a picture of the finished product from the bottom, but I couldnít get the camera to focus right. Itís pretty easy to picture it in your head.


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