*Changing a Tire Tube*
By: Jaden
7 Aug 2007

First you need to rescue the victim and get it to the hospital. Once there it needs to go straight to the OR for intestinal surgery.

Here’s the poor victim

Since the old tube is junk, there’s no need to be careful while removing it. (unless you’re gonna patch it) If it gets poked with a screwdriver it’s not a big deal.

Ok, let the surgery begin-

Remove the valve from the stem using a valve stem wrench. Removing the valve allows air in the tube to escape as you remove it. Just makes it easier.


There’s a small valve in there----------------------------Valve and wrench

Now push the tire down off the rim, this just loosens it up and breaks the seal between them. Once you’ve separated them, use a couple of flat screwdrivers and start prying the tire up and over the rim. Work around the rim about 3 inches at a time. Make sure that the part you’ve already popped over the rim doesn’t start trying to reseat itself.



Working around the rim

Eventually the thing will pop off the rim. It’ll look just like this.

The tire is ½ off the rim, that’s all it needs to be.

Now it’s time to remove the tube. Poke the stem down through the rim and simply pull the tube out.

NOTE: You’ll notice that the rim hangs in the bottom of the tire…that’s fine! No need to remove it, you’ll only make a LOT more work for yourself!!


Lifting tire to access tube----------------------------Removing tube-----------------------------------------------Tube out

NOTE: At this point you can either patch the tube OR replace the tube. This one was only like 7 bux…and it was the boss’s $$ so I replaced it.

Before trying to put the new tube in, remove the valve from the stem. Then inflate it. This just gets any folds and kinks out of the tube from how it was packaged. Release the air and squeeze out the remainder.

First thing is to install the stem. Once it’s in simply flop the tube in as it naturally lies. Be certain that it doesn’t fold over itself and get twisted up.


New tube inflated-------------------------------Installing the stem


Be sure to poke it up through completely----------------------------------New tube in

Now the tire has to go back on the rim. I have a smoothed over flat screwdriver that works good. Just in case I do hit the tube, the round edges won’t puncture it. Check the pic below right. You won’t want to shove the screwdriver home, just a small overlap on the rim.


Push one side down and start it back on-------------------------------------------------------------------------------You only want a slight overlap--- ‘bout this much

Now do what you did to remove the tire, except in reverse. Start flipping it over the rim a few inches to a time and ensure that it doesn’t try to pop back off.



HELPFUL HINT- You’ll hit a tough spot where it doesn’t want to flop over the rim. Push the side of the tire that IS already on down. The rim’s diameter decreases in the middle, thus giving you TONS and TONS of “extra” tire. Then it’ll pop right on.

Push tire down to relieve tension

Once it’s on…DON’T FORGET TO PUT THE VALVE BACK IN!! Now’s the time to do it :o)

Before inflating it, be sure that the tube isn’t between the tire and rim.

Now pump ‘er up to the recommended pressure. You can find that info written on the side of the tire.

New guts installed and working

D.U. N. Done

Surgery went well :o)

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