*The Coyote Chain*
By: Pyrotech
24 December 2005

How many times have you needed a secure place to hookup a recovery chain or strap, to a vehicle that didnít have a safe hook point?

Did you know that by Federal law every vehicle is required to come from the factory with 4 such hook points? These are located near the wheels, and are designed into the frame itself, they are used during transport from the factory to the dealer.

Rear D-hole ford Explorer      Front D-hole Ford Explorer

Since I needed to be able to hook-up to vehicles that may or may not have a safe tow point. I made up a pair of coyote chains. One end has a T-hook, and the other end a Grab hook, With 3 feet of 5/8" chain in between the two hooks.

3 foot Coyote Chain

By having a pair of chains it gives me another option in the recovery process, the total cost for both chains ran just under $100, the hardest thing to find is the T-hook, but they are available from Northern Tool.

Just make sure to keep the load rating for each piece of the assembly in mind. And do not exceed the limit of the lowest rated part.

Remember donít jerk with this chain, if it breaks it may cause serious injury and damage to the vehicles

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