*Emergency Head gasket / Block repair*
By: Thoth8

The compression test revealed that the two back cylinders were leaking. The mechanic said it was most likely a warped head.

I was quoted 1600.00-1800.00 from different sources. My dad said that he had a warped head once and put in a product called, "Seal Up," by Motor Purr. http://www.motorpurr.com/seal-up.html . (Cost is about $5). He ran the truck for another 5 years without any problem. I could not find it locally, so I had him send me some.

I followed the instructions and added water once during the process. After 5-10 minutes it stopped blowing water out of the tail pipe and bubbling compression gasses thorough the radiator.

"This product does not contain Sodium silicate "liquid glass". Liquid Glass is NOT compatible with Ethylene glycol (the main ingredient in antifreeze) Mixing the 2 chemicals can actually plug up your cooling system!"

The best part is I did not need to drain the anti-freeze out. This could be used if you are on the road and something happens. You leave the seal up in the system to prevent future problems. This is like green slime only for your cooling system. I havenít had any problems in the 300 miles or so I have driven. It seems to have worked. I now keep an extra bottle in my truck. This could have been used on the side of the road. Just open the radiator cap and add it, then let the vehicle idle for 30 minutes. It really got me out of a bind.


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