*Installing an Automatic Transmission Cooler on a 2007+ Jeep Wrangler*
By: Josephus
17 June 2011


To assist as a guide to installing an automatic transmission cooler, on a 2007+ Jeep Wrangler.



Check your vehicle and find out if there are already existing transmission cooler lines running from the transmission housing to the radiator. In the case of the 2007+ Jeep Wrangler, there are already lines running to the radiator, so I tapped into and used these. Depending upon model of vehicle, you may have to drill and tap a bung into your transmission housing.


Remove the front grill, newer jeeps use plastic screw rivets, which are pretty flimsy. By backing the Phillips head out Ė then prying the collar up I was able to get most of them out in 1 piece.

Locate a solid front-end member to mount some support brackets. In the case of the jeep, Chrysler was kind enough to leave a couple of mounting tabs. After pre-painting some flat stock steel, I was able to cut and bend 2 pieces. The wiring harness moves easily out of the way.

When drilling be careful as it is all too easy to poke a hole into your radiator. Using a rag behind the brackets can slow a fast drill. Mount your brackets securely.

The kit comes with some zip-ties that youíre supposed to use to attach the transmission cooler to your radiator. That didnít seem like such a good idea with all the vibration and bouncing of the jeep. It also didnít allow for any airflow between the tranny cooler and radiator.

Using some copper pipe hangers I located at Home Depot, I was able to secure the transmission cooler to the brackets leaving over 1.5Ē of air space between.

On the jeep - the grill is very open and visible to the inside. I had pre-painted the cooler, so just a little bit of touch up was needed after everything was mounted up.

This crappy cell-phone picture is trying to show the connections of the hoses into the existing hard lines. Be careful not to cross any moving parts for steering links or swaybars.

A simple set of hose clamps are used to connect to the existing rubber hose.

When you go to close everything back up and put the grill back on...

...take your time and donít bash your knuckles across the fins of the cooler. The fins are weak, and will bend easily (not to mention your skin).

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