*BOV Jumper Cables*
By: Big John
30 September 2006

Lets face it, sooner or later you are gonna have to either jump start your BOV or help someone else who's got battery trouble. After fighting with several sets of jumper cables , I decided to bite the bullet and buy the good stuff.

The set I bought is the same thing used on wreckers and other rescue vehicles. It is relatevily long compared to the sets they sell at the auto parts stores and Wally world on their best day, never saw anything like these. This set sports a heavy duty Anderson type connector on one end and a set of very heavy duty clamps on the other end. They are in two pieces. One end stays permanantly attached to the vehicle and the cables stay in the BOV.

As you can see they are made from heavy cable and even have a stripe down the positive side wire for easy identification of the hot lead.

It was necessary to lengthen the leads on the connector side because I was going to make my connection somewhere other than at the battery. I scrounged some battery cable from the junk box and found a couple of crimp on butt splices. After the splice I insulated the connections with heavy wall heat shrink tubing.

Next we need to find a place to mount the fixed connector. I chose to mount mine in the hole in the front bumper but you can just let it hang as long as it's not going to get in the way of anything or get damaged. I hunted down some metal brackets from the junk box and some rust proof bolts and set to work.

After the plug was mounted I made the connections on the firewall to the hot side of the battery and grounded the other end on the engine. I made these connections as far away from the battery terminals as practical. This helps alot with corrosion problems.

The finished installation looks good and the cover helps keep dirt and water off the silver contacts inside.

This setup can be used to run Alt power into just about anyplace you need it. You can jump start another BOV or you can even jump your own just like you can with a standard set of cables. The beauty of these is you only have one set of connections on the other vehicle to make and you dont even need to raise your hood to do it. No body ever wants to borrow your cables cause the won't work and they are long enough that you dont have to get right on top of the other guys BOV to help him out.
Big John

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