*Easy Home made Locking Ammo can*
By: Thoth8
15 January 2005

I have a Toyota truck. It has a snug top shell with limo tint on the windows to stop prying eyes. I never leave anything of value inside of it, unless it's in my driveway, and I'm too tired or lazy to empty it. However, when I am transporting weapons or ammo, special steps need to be taken.

When transporting firearms, I use an ammo can that I have customized. I enlarged the half inch hole thatís on the opening end of ammo cans, with a dremel and file, to accept an "eye" from an eye bolt. Now, I can drill out a hole in the can to install the eye bolt in such a way that it can pass thru the squared-out hole. Then a pad or combo lock is used for locking.


I use one of those security cable coils with eyes on both ends (or a gun cable lock), and wrap it around something secure on the truck. I loop the cable eyes on the lock while locking the ammo box.


My ammo can is now secured to my truck, but I never leave it unattended for too long. Coffee and bathroom stops are okay. I will also place something over the ammo can, an "out of sight, out of mind" jacket, towel, or whatever, just to help passer byes and would-be thieves mind their own business. (Tinted windows help, too).

I keep my ammo in another ammo box, but I'm not as concerned about losing ammo. Losing one or more firearms would be an extremely bad thing; the worst thing I can think of is some child getting popped with one of my guns.

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