*Muffler Replacement*
2004 Toyota Tacoma
By: Jaden
24 January 2011

Today I had to change my muffler. Up here in the northeast vehicles rust which caused the muffler to rust out meaning I couldn't get an inspection sticker. I picked up the parts and here we go.

The nuts actually rusted off from the oxygen sensor and it was only sitting in it's port. That made my life a lot easier instead of having to break them apart and save the sensor.

I used the oxy/acetelyne torch to cut the rusted flange bolts and then knocked them out with a punch. Then I cut one hanger to make getting the muffler separated from the vehicle a bit easier. They were rusted so bad there was no way they'd come apart any other way.

The next issue was that the original system was one solid piece from the flange behind the catalytic converter all the way to the end of the tail pipe. It wouldn't twist around to clear the axle, body, spare tire etc so I just cut the pipe. Then everything came out easily.

The new muffler and pipe came in two pieces which was great. It went in very easily.

It's all held up with 3 rubber hangers.

I routed the new muffler first and hung it from the hangers then I installed the short piece of pipe that goes between it and the flange at the catalytic converter.

The old flange gasket came off easy and I put the new one on then installed the oxygen sensor before bolting the flanges together.

I slid the pipe into the muffler then bolted the flange together and tightened it, then made sure the muffler was hanging properly in the rubber hangers. The last step was tightening the muffler clamp.


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