*Outboard Motor R/W Discharge*
By: Jaden
2 July 2007

Outboard motors are cooled by sucking in raw water, pumping it through the engine and then discharging it overboard. The motors have what we’ve always called a “tell tale”. It is a visible sign that shows that the water pump is working. If the tell tale stops discharging, it doesn’t necessarily mean the pump isn’t working. Two other possibilities are the intake or the discharge is plugged up. Like THIS.

Tell tale spitting water

My tell tale stopped spitting and 99% of the time something small got sucked up and plugged the molded exit port. The usual cure is to use a small point object and stick it in the hole. This time it didn’t work. I had to pop off the cowling and remove the discharge hose from the exit port and poke (whatever it was) down through.


Discharge hole-----------------------------------------Hose unhooked

The motor ran fine after that. No problems.


Discharging from the hose----------------------------From the port

The tell tale is something to keep an eye on frequently. If it stops working, there’s a reason which could be a real PITA.

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