*Piggy Backing a Broken Trailer*

Ingenuity At Its Finest

By Jaden

30 August 2003


A few days ago while on a road trip with the company I work for the wheel bearings blew on one of the trailers. Fortunately we had 2 vehicles and 2 trailers and also had 2 4 wheelers. If it wasn’t for 2 trailers we’d have been screwed. So there we sat on the side of the road thinking about what to do. We somehow had to get 2 trailers and 2 wheelers on the same truck…hmm…after some discussion and what abouts here’s what we did.

Unloaded both 4 wheelers. Then we took the broken trailer and flipped it upside down onto the good trailer (fortunately it was bigger). Then a big ratchet strap was used to bind the 2 trailers together.

The thought was to just roll the front tires of the wheelers over the axle (which is now on top). However the tires of the broken trailer were in the way. OK…..time to remove the axle.

Out came the tools and a few minutes later the axle was off and in the back of one of the trucks. This gave us a fairly decent flat surface. We did have to work around the framework of the trailer. Not a big deal.

The wheelers were loaded on top of the broken trailer and wiggled around a little to ensure that the framework wouldn’t cut into the wheeler’s tires. We also balanced the load as much as possible.

Then we bound the wheelers down with smaller ratchet straps.

Hit the road again and made it home.


Here was a quick simple fix to the problem. Use your brain! You can do it if you put your mind to it.


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