*Popup Campers*
The Basic Gear For Camping
By: By Brian
8 January 2003

Having just bought a popup camper I searched the net for lists of gear that people keep them stocked with. These lists were helpful but they all seemed to be geared towards camping in private campgrounds not out in the woods as I like to do. I also want to be able to keep the popup stocked to make it easier to go on those last minute trips without the hectic rummaging through the house to get the needed equipment together.

A. Sleeping Gear

1.Sleeping bags 4, 2 that zip together into one big bag for me and wife rated to -20 deg. 1 Childs size sleeping bag for my son rated to -20 deg. 1 extra adult sleeping bag for guests or in case the wife kicks me out rated to -20 deg.
2.Pillows 4
3.Sheets 1 set per bed
4.Comforters 2 (to add warmth in winter or to be used in place of sleeping bags in mild weather)

B. Cooking Gear

2.Disposable lighters 2
3.Large stock pot
4.Small sauce pan
5.Medium straight side skillet with lid
7.Coffee pot
8.Cooking spray aka Pam
9.Pot holders, one square, one mitt
11.Large Plastic mixing bowl
12.Metal Knives forks spoons for 6
13.Metal plate sets 6
14.Plastic utensils, party size box from BJ's
15.Paper plates
16.Disposable bowls
17.Hot/Cold cups
18.Large sharp knife
19.Small sharp knife
21.Wooden spoon
22.Metal coffee cups
23.Small rubermaid tubs for dish washing 2
24.Plastic measuring cup
25.Can opener
26.Bottle opener
27.Measuring spoons
28.Big fork
31.Plastic cutting board
32.Small box Brillo
33.Small container of dish soap
34.Sponge with scouring pad on one side 2 (in zip lock bag)
35.Salt and pepper shakers
36.Sugar in rubernaid container
37.Tea bags in zip lock bag
38.Hot chocolate in zip lock bags

C. Camper Misc. Items

1.Battery Powered lantern with extra batteries
2.Led flash lights
3.Short wave radio
4.Playing cards
5.Note book
6.Pencil and pens
7.Welcome Mat
8.Dust pan and broom
9.Drain Hose 25'
10.Water hose 50'
11.Electrical cord 100' 12/2 wire 2
12.Extension cord 30 amp 50'
13.Water Filter
14.Spray oil WD-40
15.Fire extinguisher
16.First aid kit
17.Extra spare tires for camper 2
18.Camper levelers
19.Wheel chocks
20.Cooler 50qt. coleman 5 day (does not last 5 days but longer than normal coolers)
21.Liquid hand soap
23.Duct tape
25.Battery operated clock
26.Garbage bags 1 box of heavy-duty black

D. Outdoor Comfort Items

1.Chairs 4 folding
2.Folding table
3.Camp Kitchen
4.Coleman dual fuel stove
5.Lantern with 5 extra mantles
6.Stove and lantern fuel 1 gal. coleman fuel
7.Citronella candle (bucket candle)
8.Telescoping marshmallow sticks 3 ( I know but sometimes you cant find a good stick)
9.Water totes 2 plastic hard sided jerry can style 5 gallon, 4 collapsible 5 gallon
10.Rope 100' 1/2"
11.Para cord 100'
12.Large tarp 20'x40'
13.Small tarp 4'x8'
15.Folding shovel
16.Bow saw
17.Work gloves 2 pair

This sounds like a lot of stuff but it really isn't, and with it I can go camping for an indefinite period of time limited only by the food and fuel supplies that I have with me.

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