*Quick Ramps*
By: Jaden
25 November 2006

This kit cost $40.00 locally. It’s designed to bolt on to 2x12 planks.

It comes with the top pieces and two bottom pieces that bolt on.


Bottom pieces-----------------------------Anti kick plate

Top piece

There is an anti-kick plate that bolts on at the top of the ramp. Then a ratchet strap can be used to secure them to a bumper or whatever. Then it’s impossible for the ramps to fall off.

This is a pretty cool kit. It also comes with non-skid stick on pads for the face of the ramp.

I picked up a 2x12 by 12’ long and cut it in ˝ thus making 2 6’ ramps. They are pretty rugged.

They’ve been used and work good, I recommend them.

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