*Reese Hitch Winch*


By Jaden

27 June 2004


We have a rope winch at work and we decided to make it mountable to the Reese hitch on the truck. This way the winch & operator can be well away from the tower. After hunting around most of the morning we finally came up with a piece of square stock that’s 2’ long and 2x2" square and 3/8" thick. This was needed to go into the Reese receiver. Then we used a piece of ˝" flat plate to mount the winch to. I welded the plate to the square stock. That baby AIN’T coming apart.


The winch bolts to the flat plate. The winch can be removed and the flat plate now becomes a small workbench. We’re going design something so that we can put a vise on there too. Anyway…..

She’s welded on in good shape.

I could see the heat marks on the top of the plate so I know there was good heat penetration and I got a good weld.


The power cables run up and clip onto the battery posts.

You can design something like this on your BOV with a cable winch. Reese hitches are great.


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