*The Bug Back Scooter*
By: Chief
26 December 2016

You're driving home from work in rush hour traffic. The show on the radio has been yammering the same news of North Koreas long range missile test and the Black Friday fights in Wal-Mart's across the continent for the past week. It's getting a little old so you switch the channel to some music. You let out a groan, 20 miles to go to a warm shower and put your feet up. Red ants marching into the night is all you see as tail lights go on forever it seems. Suddenly, as far up ahead as you can see, they start blinking out more and more till they reach you and then, nothing. Your car is 100% dead and all the lights behind you are gone as well. You know what happened. The NORKS did it, they really did it. You aint waiting around. You grab your 35 pound pack and carbine and make out for home as fast as you can. 3 miles later you're coughing up a lung, "why didn't I exercise more? This is going to take a while! Dang! "The pack is getting heavier, the soles of your feet are sore, you feel every muscle in your legs and shoulder are screaming. You prepped for everything, you've neglected your health a little.

Its taken you almost 8 hours but finally you stagger into the drive way. One look lets you know you've been robbed. All those Black Friday shopper types, watching disaster movies the past 20 years and maybe picked up on a few things you may have said about prepping. They've taken everything. Good thing your wife and kids are at the summer cabin or they might be....... "If only i could have got home sooner and in better shape for a fight!"

This scenario may have played out in your head a few times. How would I get home faster if the lights go out? Car is to small for a peddle bike. What about a scooter? They are easy to handle, your bag can go over the bars, going up hill is as fast as walking or faster, going down hill the skies the limit.

Below is the scooter my 16 year old son welded up with a wire feed and put $80 wheels on. If you buy one make sure it's sturdy enough to take your weight and the weight of your gear.

This is what my load out to get home would look like. I would include the bike helmet as the speeds you will obtain are going to reach up to 30 mph downhill. Most scooters come with a brake, if not your rear wheel is stopped with the heal of your boot.

If you decide you're going to try this. Make sure you practice a bit. It's not hard to master and it will get you home several times faster than on foot, and you'll still have energy for a fight if need be.


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