*Spare Batteries for Your BOV*
By: Skip
21 August 2005

I carry a Mag Light in all of my vehicles, you never know what you will be driving when the SHTF. The problem is how to carry spare batteries with out them discharging or rolling around the floorboards.

What I do is make a "case" to hold them. Then I store them with other small Items in ammo can.

Like I said I use Mag Lights, when I open them I take care not to destroy the plastic container they came it. This will become the carrying case for the batteries.

To open the package I cut along the side then spread open the plastic to remove the flashlight. The long cylinder that the body of the flashlight was in will hold the spare batteries. Cut this out keeping the bottom connected and cutting as close to the sides as you can.

Then use a piece of the discarded plastic to cut two insulators. These will go between the batteries.

Put your spare batteries inside the tube you cut out and place the insulators between the batteries. Then using Duct Tape close the tube up. The tube will be bigger than the batteries but will act like a clamshell surrounding the batteries. When you tape the tube up the sides will over lap.

Donít for get the insulators between the batteries.

This will give you the correct number of batteries for your flashlight and keep them in a package that is easy to handle.

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