*TeraFlex 2.5 Coil Lift*
With Shocks
By: Josephus
18 December 2009

Well I decided to take the Jeep to the dealer and have them install the TeraFlex 2.5" coil lift along with the tires. I decided I was going to need someone to do these jobs for me because I don't have the gear: tire mounting, alignment. Since I am heading out on a trip next week and I don't have time for a full shake-down, I had better have the dealership knock this out in 1 day. . . good thing too.


  1. It turns out parts had been cannibalized out of my box, and I didn't have a means to get them. Specifically, the shock absorber adapters were missing. So I had to buy the longer shocks too.
  2. That wasn't the last surprise of the day, after the suspension was installed, they noticed the wheels would rub the right-rear trackbar at full droop extension. I had to purchase 1.25" wheel spacers as well (this was listed as a 'maybe' by the TeraFlex documentation).
  3. Other gotchya's to watch out for: Stock spare tire mount on tailgate will not accept 35x12.5 tire. I put qty (8-10) washers with longer mounting bolts to shim it out a 1/2" and that seems to be holding for now. I may address this again soon, as I don't think the added shimmed weight will be wise long term.

Dealership recommends the following items:

  1. Stainless braided brake hose lines for the front brakes. The stock hoses are working fine for now, but with all of the extra flex this suspension is capable of, it could easily break/kink a brake line. Front only, back has a dropped bracket.
  2. Steering stabilizer. With over a foot of rubber at each tire the steering is a little sloppier (not objectionable tho) and would benefit from a bigger stabilizer. The stock stabilizer just isn't cutting it.
  3. Limiting straps in rear. The rear coils are being held in their seats by gravity only. If for any reason the axles go airbourne, the axle will drop far enough to unseat the coils.

Street Drivability assessment:

  1. It is taller than I expected. Last year I drove a 3" TeraFlex lifted JKL Rubicon just like my own, and it really wasn't much higher. This seems to be 5"-6" taller than stock.
  2. Slightly more bumpy, and I mean ever so slightly. If I didn't live in Pothole-sylvania (PA) I wouldn't notice at all. Similar to riding an empty pickup truck vs. 1/2 loaded.
  3. Tracks straight, corners just about the same. Handles better than I expected in the twisties. Due to the wheel spacers the tires protrude ever so slightly from the fenders. Overall 3 inches wider track.
  4. Speedometer is off by 4-5mph. Throttle response seems the same. Unknown mileage results at this time (TBD).
  5. Braking - OMG! When I slam on the brakes there is no more ABS chatter... just junk sliding out from under the seats and sliding around the cargo area. It is dramatically better braking than before.

Trail assessment:

Wife assessment:

Daily Driver assessment:

  1. Only been 2-days so far but loading sheets at Home Depot had similar bed height of Ford Super Duty pick-up.
  2. My 10 year old son and his buddy (49" and 46" respectively) struggled a bit to climb in, but had fun doing it.
  3. Headlights have a much better spread down-road, nobody flashing me yet for glare.
  4. Visibility is the same except for close quarters parking. Can't see little car bumpers front or rear.
  5. At first I was shocked at how much higher it was sitting, but it's growing on me. I think I'm going to like it.

My wallet is still licking wounds, so it might be a couple of months before I get to the rest of it.


TeraFlex 2.5"coil lift kit 1352000   $447 Quadratec
35x12.5x17 Mickey Thompson MTZ QTY (5) $1342 Quadratec
1.25" TeraFlex wheel spacers QTY (2 sets) $200 Quadratec
TeraFlex 9550 long-travel shocks QTY (4) $200 Quadratec
8MM x 1.5" bolts and washers QTY (60) $25 Home Depot
Installation:Hours (6) $570 D'Ambrosio Dodge Downingtown PA

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