*Tow Hook installtion*
By: Fight4yourrights
19 August 2006

New project for the day: Tow hook installation

Since I have a grill guard, the factory tow hook kit won't work. I like my grill guard, and even have new 8" 130W driving lights coming for it, so I needed to improvise something else.

I decided I could mount to the brackets holding the grill guard, since they were mounted directly to the frame themselves, hence the whole deal should be about as strong as the factory mounts.

As you can see, there are 3 bolts per side holding the grill guard onto it's mounting brackets:


These are the HD, 12,000 lb rated tow hooks:


And here's where I chose to mount them:


Note there is double thick steel, and they are directly on the bracket that holds the grill guard onto the frame. I can use one of the existing holes, so I only have to drill one new one:


Centerpunch the new hole, start a pilot hole with a small drill bit, then move up to a larger, and finally the 1/2" drill bit:


Hook mounted:


(yes, I tightened the bolts!)



Pictures showing the grill guard mounting bracket onto the frame:

Now, all I need is something to pull!

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