*Truck Cap & Alt Energy for BOV*
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30 September 2005

There is probably nothing earth shatteringly new in this article about our camping/BOV set-up, just maybe a few different angles. My wife & I have enjoyed camping for years. We started with tents, moved to a pop-up camper and now have opted for a cap on our 4x4 Dodge RAM with an attachable truck tent.

A bit of the history of this progression may be of interest. Tents are fine for fair weather, but if you are waiting for fair weather in western NY you may not camp at all, so we up-graded to the pop-up. This was great. It gave us a hard top and greater interior space for those times of inclement weather. We loved it! Only one problem, we decided that we really loved to take our boat for fishing/camping trips, or our ATV for four wheeling camping trips. Here is a news flash, it is not possible to tow both a pop-up and a boat trailer or ATV trailer. So, we started looking for other options. We found a great truck bed tent on the Internet and tried it out. It was great, but it didn't give us a covered area for gear while in route like the pop-up did. About that time friends found us a free truck cap that fit our truck bed. The cap allowed us to transport gear under cover and also gave us a hard top over our heads in bad weather. It is very difficult to get dressed for the day while lying down. Another web search found us a specialized tent for use with trucks with caps. It is a 10.5' x 10.5' tent with a snorkel that attaches to the back of the truck cap. Now we have the added room we need.

We could have just tossed in an air mattress, or maybe a couple of cots. I decided to build a raised platform for the bed. This is a hinged affair that provides storage underneath and a platform large enough for a full sized futon mattress. We enjoy warm comfortable bedding each night!

We often camp in state parks with electric available and we find it more convenient to make waffles with the electric than with the cast iron waffle iron. What about those times we rough it you ask?? Well, being a Rubie and roughing it don't really go hand in hand. Why go with out when you can use technology? I put some of that under bed storage to use by mounting 3 deep cycle batteries in parallel. I then mounted one of our 2000/4000-watt converters over the fender well and attached it to the battery bank. voilla....power-to-go!

not my truck

not my truck


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