*4 Wheeler Mods*

Deckiní It Out

By Eli & Skip

21 May 2003


As youíve seen on the boards my ATV is getting a face-lift. We still have quite a bit of stuff to do to it. It can be used for and is getting set up for a BOV. A.k.a. BOW, Bug-Out-Wheeler


Hereís what it used to look like

When my grampa died last summer I wound up with the wheeler. He built a plywood storage box on the back. It served its purpose for him and I used it for about 1 year. After the Bug-Out trip to Firemanís Skip decided it was time to do some serious work on it. Things inside were getting dusty and it wasnít weather tight and the headlight is easily blocked by stuff strapped to the front rack.

We compared calendars and were both free on Wednesday. So on Tuesday night I went up to his house and first thing in the morning we started working.

The first project was removing the old box. The ham radio was taken out and the box disappeared. Then we washed the mud off and armor allíd the plastic. Armor All makes it easier to clean next time.

Looks a little different

The rubber hose on the clutch breather snorkel had broken. Skip under took the project of fixing it with radiator hose and quite the project it was. Not much finger room.

Skip working

While he did that I worked on getting the lights wired up under the front rack.

New box on back and new lights mounted

Oohh yea, they work and theyíre bright!

Done for the day

We are going to do a lot more work to it. Need to tear the winch apart and hopefully fix it cuz itís not working right. Also need to change the fluids, tighten the drive chains, do a really really good tune up and a few other things.

Skip had the "new to me" box on his wheeler but it didnít work out for him so he wound up with something different and gave me this one. :o)

Weíre going to install a mobile Ham radio on Skipís wheeler too. You just canít have too much commo.

I foresee a lot of nights & days @ Skipís playing 4 wheeler. Boyz Ďn theyíre toyz.

Eli & Skip

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