*Adding A Winch To Your Trailer*
By: Garry
29 November 2022

Having a trailer is handy: having one when you're bugging out may well be a lifesaver. I recently added a winch to my car hauler trailer, and included a tote to hold the battery, straps, and store the winch when not in use. A winch is handy for loading big heavy things, especially when those big heavy things don't have their own motor. Having a place to store straps, chains and other things is handy as heck as well.

Please note that I mounted my winch in a way that works for me- there are other ways that may well work better for you. For instance, I lost about 14" of trailer deck as I mounted all of my stuff on the trailer deck. I would have preferred to mount them on the frame just behind the hitch, but my trailer has a short hitch design, and the spare tire was plain in the way.

Pics aren't great- I never thought of sharing this, so missed the opportunity to take pictures as I was progressing. Sorry!

So, first thing to do was lay everything out and test fit for options.

I decided to weld the receiver to the front of the trailer, and re-enforce that bar by welding it to the frame. I chose to use a receiver mount vice just welding the mounting plate to the frame to allow me to use the winch on the truck, trailer, and the ATV. Flexibility gives you options you may appreciate. Only cost is a little inconvenience by having to move the winch, and I'm ok with that.

Yes, those welds are terrible. Yes, I got penetration. Yes, it holds.

I won't be using the winch (or the trailer) a lot- but when I do I want it to work. I chose to mount a tote/box to store the winch. It also holds the battery, straps, snatch blocks, etc. The box is attached to the trailer by drilling through the deck, and using eye bolts. This allows me to strap the battery and winch down using small straps through those eye bolts, and should prevent any damage when driving. I had some foam laying around and used it under the battery and winch, and in a few places I expect to see rubbing. I also have a battery charger/conditioner mounted permanently in the box, and it should keep the battery charged while stored.

Seems to be working fine. Only bad thing about mounting everything on the trailer deck vice the tongue is, again, I lose about 14" of trailer deck- and I believe that'll be just fine.

Overall this install was easy, and the value it adds is immense- you only have to try pushing an atv, ride on lawnmower, or busted truck up a ramp once to see the need for a winch!

Hope this helps!


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