1. Treat each person on this site like you would treat a Team Member.

2. Your word is your bond. If you act in an irresponsible, unstable or untrustworthy manner, you will be removed.

3. Flamers, Trollers, Spammers and other trouble makers Will Be Banned... Period.

4. Tempers sometimes get heated during a spirited debate, but if someone crosses the line and starts flaming, please Do Not respond, simply send one of the Admins an E-mail and we'll take care of the problem. Responding to a Flamer or Troller simply makes matter's worse, as does a misguided attempt to jump in and "defend" the person being flamed. Just stay out of it, We'll handle it.

5. Keep the safety and security of your Group-mates always in mind. Keep it legal, keep it sane, keep it safe! Also keep in mind that we have Politicians, TV personalities, etc, on the boards. Don't say anything that you wouldn't want potentially influencing Many thousands (Or Millions) of people.

6. "Lurking" and/or "File Stripping" is Absolutely not allowed, The members of the Rubicon have decided that everyone should post on the message board At Least twice in each two week period, or send in One "Useable" article per month. Lurkers take without giving back, this is ok in the regular section, Not here in the Rubicon (We have members being shelled in Combat zones that easily make the minimum Participation requirements, even though they are exempt from the requirements while deployed). The best way to get to know the members here, and for them to get to know you, is by posting on the message boards and writing articles. We All having something to teach, and to learn. The accounts of Lurkers and/or File Strippers are deleted and not re-issued, whether their dues are paid up or not. This is Strictly Enforced! Dues Will Not be refunded if you are deleted due to lurking or File Stripping! If you allow yourself to get on the Rubicon's Software System's slackers list, Or get caught by our Anti-file-stripping software, The System Software will lock you out. You locked Yourself out, remember that.

7. These areas are Not to be used as a "group finder" or "Member Finder" or "for ideas for your survival site". There is a huge member finder section on the Rubicon's main page. The Rubicon area is NOT to be used as a "pool" to draw members for other groups, private campouts, rally's, other sites, etc.

8. Pick a 'Handle' and stick to it.

9. These areas are Not to be used as a "Black Helicopter" forum. Keep the paranoid postings to a minimum. If you say it, be ready to prove it. If it's an opinion or theory, state that it is an opinion or theory.

10. Don't advertise Unless you have bought the product yourself and just wanna spread the good (or Bad) word, or you've cleared it with me or an Admin via e-mail... Spamming the group will make you unpopular... this includes "Group Buys" being done on other sites. Group Buys from other sites Frequently go wrong, and we don't want our site associated with them.

11. Please do not type in all upper case letters... it's thought of as "yelling" and it's considered rude (as well as aggravating to read). Placing Emphasis on a word by capitalizing it is OK, But we don't 'yell' here.

12. Absolutely No information from the Rubicon Area, or the message boards, may be reposted onto another message board or forum without the Express permission of Rubicon Outdoor Adventures in writing. No information is to be shared with, or e-mailed to, non-members for Any reason.

13. Use a QUALITY virus scanner on your computer and keep it updated! We ALL hate viruses, and sending out a virus will make you unpopular.

14. No One appreciates people that think they are "Controversial", "Thought Provoking", "Playing Devil's Advocate" or "Bluntly speaking their mind". This is usually just a deviant's way of being a butthole. When you deal with Facts, this is not needed, wanted, or tolerated. If you wouldn't say it in a crowd, don't hide behind your keyboard to say it.

15. Don't cuss on the boards, or post Smut. We have Children reading.

That's it, (not too painful, huh?)
Enjoy the boards!!!!

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