Christian Children's Fund
Rubicon Search And Rescue

We are often asked if Non-Rubicon members can "donate" to help keep the Alpha/Rubicon Volunteer/Charity efforts and Website going... We appreciate the thought, but "Rubicon Members" donate to keep the site and our various projects going. We don't ask for Non-Member Donations. Rubicon Members also keep this public portion of the Alpha/Rubicon WebSite available to the public. If you want to donate to something, please go directly to Websites like Christian Children's Fund (Now "Child Fund"), etc...

Rubicon Members help pay for things like:

  • The Rubicon's "Group Sponsored Children" (Sponsored Through Christian Children's Fund (Now "Child Fund")
    (Go to their Website and Sponsor a Child Yourself! It's a good feeling watching a child that you are helping, grow. The Children Really Appreciate it)

  • Rubicon Search and Rescue (A NASAR Certified Search and Rescue Organization)

  • and General Website Upkeep costs... If you learned something from the website, you may wish to "donate" some small amount to a charity organization of your choice to help them out... "Donations" to these organizations ARE NOT Expected/Required/etc. The information on the Alpha Site is provided by Rubicon Members simply to help out Professionals/Individuals/Families, interested in preparedness, Training Military personnel, LEO, EMS, etc, etc.

  • BTW, Even though we use the word Donation, like many others out there who offer their work/services/information basically for free, donations are not tax-deductible as we are not an IRS 501c3 organization. Fed-Gov seems to have put some pressure on PayPal to provide "Due Diligence" reports on organizations claiming to use "Donations" for Charities, and Volunteer work. It seems there were lots of Scams going on after Hurricane Katrina to rip-off good people by claiming to collect for Charities and "Relief Efforts" through PayPal... There's also people laundering money for Terrorist Orgs, and for "Extremist Groups" in the name of "Charity"...
    So we went through a rather intensive audit, and much scrutiny, from PayPal over the subject of "Donations"...
    Obviously We proved that we were doing exactly what we said we were doing with Member "Donations", but keep in mind there ARE sites out there that will rip you off... We've simply proven that we're Not one of those sites ;)

    Anyway, PayPal aside...

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