*Beef Up Your J-pole Connector*
Rattler’s The Guinea Pig!
By: Jaden
2 July 2007

Most J-poles I’ve seen have the SO-239 connector either screwed or soldered directly to the groundside of the antenna. This is a weak spot.

They break easily

I thought about beefing up the structural integrity of it. I cut about 4” of ¾” copper pipe and sanded it ALL. Then I hammered it flat and drilled a ¾” hole in it. Then I curved it to wrap around the ½” pipe. On a 2-meter pole, the ground point and feed point needs to be at 2” above the T & Elbow. Ok… I marked two inches and then soldered on the flat piece I made. The lowest part sits at 2” mark. Now there’s LOTS of soldered surface area, not just the corner of the connector.



Break now you….#$#K)(

I then soldered the SO-239 to the FLAT piece. It’ll take a lot to break this puppy now.

BTW….Rattler…this is your screw together J-Pole going in the mail soon! I put the RF to it, 50 watts FWD and 1.5-2 watts REF.

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