*Indestructible BOB Antenna*
For 2-Meters
By: Jaden
24 June 2005

Ever since I’ve been a ham I’ve heard about making an antenna just by stripping back the braid of coax. I heard it worked fairly well. I finally just had to try it.

This thing is pretty much indestructible and can easily be stuffed in to a Bug-Out-Bag.

Ok, all you really need for material is a piece of coax. I recommend 2 14-16ga butt connectors.

Alrighty, a piece of coax with a terminated end will result in a wicked high SWR. I put some RF to it and had over 5.0 SWR. I was showing 25 watts forward and 15 watts reflected…..NOT GOOD!!


Terminated end High SWR

I measured back 19 inches (1/4 wave of 2-meters) and carefully scored the length of the vinyl jacket. Then I peeled it off.

Black is jacket, silver is braid

Next, I carefully cut the braid at the 19 inch mark and slid it off the center conductor’s insulation.

Braid removed

Leave the center conductor’s insulation alone.

Next I peeled off about 1 more inch of jacket and then picked the braid apart, then twisted it together and crimped on a butt connector. Then the 19 inch long piece went in the other end of the butt connector. I used a second butt connector on the end of the braid to keep it from fraying.

Then I used a tack and stuck it to the ceiling. I put some RF to it and had an excellent SWR. It was now 1.2 Showing 30 watts forward and 1 watt reflected. I was able to key up a couple of repeaters. They are quite a fair distance away…especially for this antenna.

Near perfect SWR

I talked to my friend a couple miles away with 5 watts on simplex. No problems, full quieting.

The nice thing is, this will coil up. I think I’ll add it to my BOB and make another for Nerisa’s.


Be sure to carry appropriate connectors to adapt to your hand-held.

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