*Braiding an Extension Cord*
By: Natrex
16 September 2007

Here's a little tip to help prevent extension cords from becoming a tangled mess. Even winding the cord into a coil can still result in a knot if you're not careful. This coiling method will prevent those knots and keep the cord neat. Begin at the female end of the cord. First cross the cord as shown in the picture and begin to make an overhead knot.

Instead of pulling the cord all the way through, just leave a loop that is roughly the same width as your hand.

This second loop gets the same treatment as the first.

Keep repeating till the end of the cord is reached.

The last plug can be left dangling or you can attach a second cord and keep going.

When you want to store the cord just make an overhand knot instead of a loop at the end.

And join the male and female plugs together.

The braided cord can be coiled to lay flat and will not tangle. When you get ready to use it all you have to do is untie the last loop and the cord unravels as you pull on it. I keep 3 100 foot cords per roll and never have any problem with tangles:)

You can even get fancy with this and customize for certain situations. Want a cord that unravels from the middle? Then braid from both ends. Want it to unravel from both ends? Then start in the middle and work outwards.


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