*Building A Little Tower*
Rohn Tower
By: Jaden
3 December 2007

We just put up 130 feet of Rohn 45G tower.

After putting in a base and anchor points, which are covered in other articles, itís time to stack the tower. Each section is 10 feet long and weighs 70 pounds.

The first 2 sections went up and were temporarily guyed before putting up 2 more sections and installing permanent guy wires at 32 feet.

Lifting the 4th section

The electric winch is mounted in the Reese hitch of the vehicle. Thereís a block (pulley) at the base of the tower. The rope runs down the tower, through the block and to the winch so that the operator isnít directly under the tower.

I guyed again at 64 feet and then at 96 feet. Hereís section 10 coming up to make 100 feet.


Guiding it up-------------Holding section and the rope-----------------------Section in place

As the section is coming up to me, I have to guide it and make sure it doesnít snag in guy wires or cross members of lower sections. When it gets up to me I have the winch operator stop when the bottom of it is a couple of inches above the section Iím standing on. Then he slowly lets it down and holds mild tension while I put the sections together. Once the section is a couple of inches down the winch operator slacks the line completely and I then pull the section down and line up the bolt holes and install bolts.


Guys at 96 feet a with 2 more sections above them

The last set of wires is at about 127í. I didnít put them on top so that they wouldnít be in the way of the top mounted antenna.

The day I put the antenna on top it was blowing about 40 MPH and was cold and managed to snow. It was slightly nippy up there.

Installing a 20í antenna on top (cold and windy)

Yep, it looks like one of the towers is crooked. The old tower next to it is leaning slightly. Considering the seriously and completely and in all other ways bad FUBARíd guy system on it, itís amazing itís still standing. Itís scary to think people have climbed it.

Descending at about 58 feet, securing the transmission line, doiní the space walk.


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