*Point and Click Camera Battery Door Fix*
By: Landwire
26 July 2014

I was offered a Nikon Point and Click camera. A 5.1 camera with an optical zoom. At the time, it was a decent camera. I was offered the camera for free. The catch was that the battery door latch on the bottom was broken. The owner has tried using tape to keep it shut, but it became an inconvenience when changing the batteries. After growing tired of dealing with it, he decided to offer it free to anyone who wanted it. Being the crafty person I am, I took him up on the offer.

After getting the camera and putting in some fresh batteries, I was able to determine that it was indeed a good camera. All the features appears to work. Zoom worked and it took some decent pictures. I then turned my attention to the battery compartment. When the batteries are installed, the springs push out the batteries to where it does not make a good contact. Looking things over, it was indeed broken and fixing or replacing the latch was completely out of the question. It is a non-serviceable part. I tried taping it shut, but that didn't last. The tape either didn't hold or it stretched too much and it would no longer keep the battery compartment door closed.

After removing all the tape and the residue, I was struck with an idea. Instead of using tape, why not use a small flat stock piece of metal, drill a hole and then use a tripod mounting screw. Sure enough, it worked. I now have a completely functioning point and click camera that takes decent picture. Other then some elbow grease, the camera was free to me. I now have a great camera to take camping with me and to use when taking article photos.

Sometimes good gear is tossed because it broken in some manner. With a little creativity and looking at the problem from a different angle, we can find unique solutions to our problems.

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