*Cleaning A Soldering Iron*


By Jaden

16 November 2003


If you ever plug in your soldering gun and it doesn’t heat up, there’s a good chance that the tip is either loose or the contacts are dirty.

Check the tightness of the screws. They need to be snug.

If that doesn’t do it, loosen the screws and remove the tip (be sure that the rest of the gun is cool).

The part that slides into the gun is probably dirty. Use some fine grit sandpaper and sand it. Then wipe off the residue.

Then check the holes in the gun and be sure they’re clean.

Reinsert the tip and tighten the screws. That should cure the problem.

If you have a soldering pen-

The screw in tip might loosen. Just tighten it. If that doesn’t resolve the problem (and the tip’s clean) you probably need a new one.


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