*How to Make the Most of Your Digital Storage*
By: Fairplay
16 October 2006

I have found myself accumulating a variety of digital storage media over time. The media itself still work find but the device that originally used the media either has become obsolete (replaced by a newer device) or stopped working and has been discarded. I wanted to see if I could get some use out of the media instead of discarding it too.

I had a variety of flash memory cards:

I also had a few hard drives:

I found a flash card reader that will accept all the various sizes and shapes of flash cards in a handy carrying case.


I also found an external hard drive accessory that plugs into the USB port and lets you access the contents of a hard drive.

Both of these devices allow you to use your USB connection on your computer to access the data on the media and get the most out of all that old media that is unused.

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