*Simple Multi-Band Dipole*
By: Jaden
10 May 2010

There are many multiband antennas out there. Some require tuners and others don't. Some have to be set up in certain configurations while others don't. The options are wide.

I built a half wave 80 meter dipole and use a tuner. It loads up well on all bands between 10 and 80 meters. It requires no 450 ohm ladder line, no baluns, no matching transformers etc. The coax simply screws to a SO-239 at the feedpoint.

The diagram is how I have mine set up. Due to lack of space, I had to dip each end of the antenna. The dipped parts are approximately 6'. The mounting poles are metal and the dipped portions are within 12" of the metal poles. The horizontal portion of the antenna is 20' above sea level.

With 100 watts I talked to France and Greece last week with a good signal report. Last night I was talking with a guy in Michigan with it on 40 meters. Today I worked a guy in Ontario, near Toronto on 20 meters and he told me whatever I was doing, keep doing it because it was doing me well up there. His location is more or less off the NW end of the dipole so itís not even in a major lobe. I worked another guy after him in Ottawa followed by a guy in Massachusetts who were both impressed with my signal. I worked a fellow in Slovenia and in England, but they were hard contacts, probably due to deteriorating band conditions.

This antenna is doing better than the G5RV that I was using. I guess itís safe to say that this works.

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