*Emergency Radio Power Cord*
By: Jaden
01 October 2008

Fortunately for me, my Kenwood TS 440S and Yaesu FT-857 ham radios use the same power plug. The Yaesu is installed in my vehicle and the Kenwood is my base radio. In the event of wanting to use one of them elsewhere it’d be a real PITA to have to unwire them.

I bought a couple of plugs from Buxcomm and built a power cord. They cost a few bucks each.

Materials Needed

  1. 5’ of 12 AWG wire (zip cord)
  2. 1 fuse holder
  3. 2 battery clips
  4. 1 radio plug

I soldered the black wire on to one clip and then soldered the fuse holder wire on to the other clip. Then I cut back the red wire so that everything would come out nice and even.

I soldered the red wires together and then insulated with rubber splicing tape and then covered that with vinyl electrical tape.

I even remembered to put the rubber boot on the wire before installing the pins and plastic chassis.

Both of my radios require two B+ and two B- pins. I simply cut off a few inches of the zip cord, soldered pins on the end of the power cord and then removed insulation from it.

I simply meshed the short pieces in to it and then soldered them together. I also insulated them with splicing and then vinyl tape.

All soldered

To make the pins come out even simply cut the wires so they’re even and install the pins.

I prefer the clips instead of ring connectors because not every battery will have studs that accept them.


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