*Error Codes on the Realistic HTX-202*
By: Red Dog
22 May 2003

Lots of Ham Radio Operators started out with the Realistic (Radio Shack) HTX-202 2-meter handy-talk radios. This radio, while big and bulky by todays standards is a real workhorse in the 2-meter world.

Giving the option of transmitting with full 5 watt power or dropping down to 1 watt power transmissions also gives you some options that might work well for you when you want to be stealthy.

These radios originally came with a NiCad rechargeable battery pack and an Alkaline (holds 6 AA's) battery pack. You can also power these radios with a 12 volt power cord from your cigarette lighter in the vehicle, or many other ways as long as it's 12 volts DC.

While Radio Shack no longer makes or sells these radios, many can be found at Ham Shows or for sale at on-line services, such as E-Bay. Depending on what accessories come with the radio, you could find these as low as $35.00 each! If you do, jump on them. That is a great price and these radios still have many years of good use left in them.

I've got two of these radios and I'm very happy with them. I'll buy more if the right price comes up and I have the funds at the time. I've got mine set up with external speaker/mics and I usually use a larger antenna than the rubber ducky antenna that comes with the radios.

Being an older radio, you may find one that gives an error code when turned on. There are two error codes on the HTX-202. Error code 1 (shows err 1 on the screen) means Internal Ram Error. According to the manual, this indicates the transceiver has detected an error in it's battery-backed operation memory. This is caused by a low lithium backup battery, BUT can also be caused by static discharge, or a physical shock.

To clear the error, reset the transceiver by turning it off, then holding down the F+D buttons while you turn it on again. This clears and reinitializes memory.

This recently happened to my radio. I was already to take it apart and change the internal battery (requires soldering and a new battery inside the unit), but decided to check the manual first. The reset worked and I'm back in business!

There is also an Error 2 code (err 2) which is a PLL Unlock Error. This error code requires that the transceiver be repaired by a radio repair service center.

I know that this information helped me. Maybe it will also help some of you if you get this error code.

Red Dog

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