*Ham Radio HT Antenna Container*
By: Landwire
18 July 2014

Many folks find that the stock antenna on a HT radio is marginally adequate. As such, they quickly upgrade to something else. I too had such an experience. With several upgraded antennas, I was able to make farther contacts then ever before.

Pictured here are the two that I chose from. The short one is a tri-band. The longer one is a 2Meter. Great antennas.

Being a scout leader, I take a radio... or two on campouts with me. During the ride to or from the campout, I usually kept the radio packed in my gear. With the thin antennas, I was worried about how to keep the antennas safe. The smaller antenna did suffer from some bending. It still works; however, I didn't want to risk further damage. My first idea was to make a container from some small diameter pvc pipe. So, off to the local hardware store. While I was there, I saw some 1/2" pex tubing. While it was not as cheap as the pvc pipe, I liked how rigid it was as well as how it flexed. I picked up a 5' section as well as 4 terminators.

The terminators are hollow inside. The antenna base could not fit inside, but the tip could. I cut each tube to a certain length. I wanted the tubes just long enough to where once the terminator ends were put in, there would be minimal movement from the antenna.

Now, with this setup, I am able to confidently pack an antenna in with my gear and not worry about it bending. When at home, I have a place on a shelf just for it. Pex tubing is great stuff.


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