*HTX-202 & HTX 404 Power Problem*


By Jaden

09 June 2004


A common problem with Radio Scrapís HTX portable series is a poor negative (-) connection between the battery pack and the radio. The battery pack is slightly loose and when itís wiggled just right the radio shuts off. Thatís really annoying if youíre trying to have a conversation with somebody and one of your radios keeps cutting out.


I did a simple modification to my radio and then wiggled and jiggled it w/o losing power.

First I removed the battery pack Ė

Then looked at the bottom-

Contact plate

The silver button in the middle of the black is the positive (+) connection. Itís fine. The rest of the metal is the (-) connection.

I removed the contact plate with a small Phillips screwdriver. Be sure not to lose the screws or the battery pack release button.

NOTE: Underneath the contact plate is a small piece of metal. It contains the catch that holds the battery pack on. Before removing the contact plate, note how it is attached to the release button. Look at the above pic and follow the black line from Right here. You need to make sure that you put it back together the EXACT same way or else when you put your battery on, you wonít be able to get it off again w/o pulling the radio apart. How do I know this?

So anyway, take the contact plate off and use a pair of pliers to slightly bend the edges of the track up. Looking at this picture again, up means toward the radio. Then put it back on ensuring you adhere to the note above.

My battery still slides on and off easily and still wiggles a little bit, BUT it doesnít loose connection.


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