*Kenwood TR-7950 Microphone Pinout*
By: Jaden
13 November 2005

I looked through the internet for a microphone pinout for this Kenwood I was given. The wires had been yanked from the mic connector. All the sites I found wanted $$. Well the heck with it. I figured it out on my own. So here you go.

Itís a 6 pin connector, but only 5 are used. The pins are labeled on the side that plugs into the radio. This is with the Dynamic mobile mic with a 500 Ohm Impedance.

Pin #1= White (Mic)

Pin #2= Black (PTT)

Pin #3= Blue (Memory down button)

Pin #4= Red (Memory up button)

Pin #5= EMPTY

Pin #6= Ground


I actually like this old radio. Itís pushing a full 45 watts on HI. I did a simplex QSO and it sounded good both ways. Now if I can figure out how to get the PL tones in itÖhmmm.

There you have it.


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