*LED Flashlight*
By: 2manytoyz
20 July 2006

Back when the Y2K scare was rampant, I started seeing a lot of radios & flashlights coming out with built-in generators.  I figured them mostly as gimmicks.  But years later, they're still being sold.  During a weak moment while shopping at BJ's Wholesale Club, I ran across a 2 pack of these flashlights for $24 and they had a $5 rebate.  It's hurricane season here once again, so I thought I'd give these a try.

The package claimed 1 hour of run time with only 60 seconds of cranking.  I decided to see what makes it tick, and find out if it lived up to the claim.


There's one button on top.  The first push flashes the 3 white LEDs, and two red LEDs on the side of the flashlight.  The second push turns on the 3 white LEDs constantly.

On the bottom is a crank handle.  It folds up flush when not in use.

Simply flips up for easy winding.  Easy enough for a kid to use.

Four screws and the case pulls apart.  Lot more stuff in here that I thought.

The thickness of the case is due to the gearing.  A slow turn of the handle spins the little electric motor (used as a generator) rather quickly.

The heart of the flashlight is a rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

So I cranked it for 1 minute and turned it on...

... an hour later, it still putting out useable light.


I've been using this for the past month each time I take the dog for a walk after dark.  I had been going through a set of D-cell batteries every month in my Maglite.  Now I just take this little LED flashlight instead.  Puts out enough light for the purpose, never needs batteries.  I leave the other one in the BOV.  $10 per flashlight, very good deal to me.


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