*Maglite Salvage - When Batteries Leak*
By: Sasquatch
29 December 2016

Forward: I originally thought to include photos and/or video to accompany this tutorial. However, the challenges associated with using smartphone-addicted teenagers as cinematographers proved prohibitive, thus I pray my description is adequate to help you. --Sasquatch

Seems like everyone who has owned a Maglite has it happen sooner or later. Batteries leak, and the resulting freezes them inside the barrel of the flashlite. When it happened to my first Maglite, it seemed that every tutorial or forum post about this involved a different internal setup than mine had. So after I got the batteries out, I just let the light sit on my desk for some years. Then I picked it up, took it to work with me, and managed to disassemle the thing. Based on what I did that worked, here goes.

Battery removal:



At this point, the lamp should light, because you didn't push the button to open the switch. If you don't have light after pushing the button, check batteries and lamp with your multimeter (you DO have one, I presume?) Then inspect the tailcap and barrel end for bare metal (that's a good thing) contact. Double-check the tailcap/spring contact (I love my multimeters!). If all OK so far, you'll need to disassemble again, and closely inspect the spring on the switch unit for corrosion. I didn't need to remove mine to clean it, but you may wish to. Use a microscope or jeweler's loupe to inspect this. Be sure to thoroughly clean out the barrrel. Paper towels are useful, make like you're cleaning a really big short-barrel-shotgun. You'll want to check the barrel contact on the switch unit, too. That's the pointy end of the set screw holding the switch unit in place.

Anyway, once you've done this once, it's much easier the next time.

If all else fails, sell it for parts on ebay, or stash it in your junk box for a future project. Grap a new ML300 Maglite, it'll probably be brighter than the old one ever was, anyway.


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