*160 Meter Dipole*
Building a 246’ long antenna inside
By: 23 April 2006

You will need to measure out 123’. I measured a certain distance across my floor and then figured out how many times I had to go back and forth to get my total length.

468 divided by frequency in MHz will give you the overall length of a dipole. 468/1.900MHz = 246’. ˝ of that is 123’ which is one element of the antenna.

Running back and forth across my house

After I cut the wire I coiled it up. Don’t need 123’ of a snarl.

Each element, a SO-239 chassis mount & a piece of PVC water pipe

Putting it together was easy. The pipe holds the wires. The SO-239 is screwed to the pipe and the center conductor is sealed with silicone to prevent water intrusion and shorts.

Hopefully I won’t need to use the tuner with this.



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