*Replacing A Boot on a Minitor III Pager*

Be Your Own Technician

By Jaden

12 April 2004


Any of you ever have a knob fall off your Minitor III pager? I have. I was lucky enough not to lose it. I also work on electronics for a living and the other day I had a Min III come in for repair. The rubber boot on the volume knob had fallen off. The owner tried to glue it and that didnít hold.

The Minitor III was one of Motorolaís better ideasÖ.NOT! We canít even work on them if internal service is required. Motorola says they donít make a schematic for it and that we need to send them to Motorolaís High Tech for repair. There ainít nothing high tech about the pagersÖjust need a schematic. Oh well.

Minitor III

Ok, enuff ranting about the thing. On to the topic at hand.

So youíve got your pager & the rubber boot.

Rubber boot

On the top of the boot youíll notice a dot. This is your indicator.

Turn the pager off and put the boot on. The dot should line up with the white dot next to the volume control. Youíll notice on the volume knob that it has a notch on either side. The boot will only fit 2 ways, so youíve got a 50/50 chance. Thatís why I say turn it off and line the dots up. This way you donít get the boot on backwards. Itís not a serious issue, you just wonít have any idea of what your volume level is set at, thatís all.

Now, letís put it back on.

w/o the boot- NOTE that plastic ring

Put the boot on the volume control shaft like I described above. Itíll sit a little bit higher than the other one.

Then youíll need a small flat head screwdriver. Use your finger and push down on the boot and use the screwdriver to push the rubber inward. Youíll notice that the boot will start to seat down into the plastic ring. Hold pressure on the boot and work the screwdriver 360 degrees around.

Just like this

Bam, your boot is back on. I know what youíre thinking right nowÖ. "Is that all that holds it on?" Yup, it sure is. Like I saidÖ.one of Motorolaís better ideas. Bump it up against something and it pops the dang thing off.

Once youíve poked it w/ the screwdriver and pushed it on itíll be level with the other one.


And thatís all there is to it. 1 minute fix.



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